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This site is seriously a saviour for me. I just found a small cluster of blisters today and only have one repeat on my valtrex prescriptions. I want to save it for a time that the clusters are larger.

I have had herpes for one year and have had 4 outbreaks total. Usually when I have an outbreak, I put a cottonball over the opening of my vagina and use 3% hydrogen peroxide. The cottonball prevents the hydrogen peroxide from going inside me so I can completely douse the area. I have a spray bottle so I just spray it directly on. It tingles a little bit and burns at the blisters but they dry out almost immediately. It works wonders.

I just tried the tylenol pm paste (using tylenol, benedryl vagasil and water) and that also worked so well.

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Hydrogen peroxide actually destroys skin cells according to Dr.Oz Hon :S Tis a myth.

just diagnosed

I put peroxide on just three small sores I had and now I have very ugly, gray, DEAD skins cells. My dr told me not to put it on my tender skin down there as it will eat it up. I am so sore now n hurts like none other.

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