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LUSH! lush cosmetics makes these shampoo solid bars called jumping juniper or snake oil scalp treatment and they both have lavender and other natural oils that are harmless to cats. the company doesn't test on animals but Ive washed my 2 Siamese and they hate baths surprisingly i dunno if it was the lavender or the fact that they weren't itching cuz the water im sure made them jump off but they were calm and handled it very well.

I then took LUSH's sea vegetable soap (im sure you can use the shampoo bars) and i put it in a spray bottle with a mix of everything i heard well: vinegar, water, lush's sea vegetable, Epsom salt and baking soda lol sprayed it on the carpet after i vacuumed, then hours later sprayed again and vacuumed and were all good now. you can even use the soap to make fleas stay off you. they hate lavender plus the products in general are amazing. good luck

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I'm addicted to lush products, I'll definitely be trying this


lavender is supposedly toxic to be careful and do some research.

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