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Alright....hiccoughs are caused by spasms of your diaphragm. To get rid of your hiccoughs, you have to stop your diaphragm from spasming. In order to do this you must fill your lungs with as much air as possible, and hold your breath, while squeezing your lungs against your diaphragm. This will stop the spasms, thus getting rid of your hiccoughs. Simple as that.

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thanks. this worked great:)


thanks, this worked for me on the first attempt.


My Remedy is betta!


Hi! =)


My grandmother told me to do this when I was about 10. Every single time I've had this problem since, this is what I do and it gets rid of it like taking candy from a baby.


I did this and it worked the first time. Wow! Works like a charm.


Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. My hiccups have been going on now for 45 mins.


I cant believed I Googled this to find a cure but I was desperate and it worked. THANK GOODNESS. I've been hiccoughing for the last 6 hours. Drinkin water all day now I sound like a ballon filled with water.


I have a concussion and developed the hiccups, it got pretty painful and I was desperate to get rid of them. This one worked the first try! Thanks so much, now my head doesn't hurt so much :)


I have had painful hiccoughs for 2 hours and searched this website in painful desperation. This worked first time. Thank you so much

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