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day 3
i was happy in the morning as the skin looked healthy, no visible bumps but cld feel hard lumps under skin
later was bad
i did acv again as i read a wk or 2 was needed
it hurt so bad, i actually cried
i wore it for about 3 hrs
i took it off as i cldnt stand it

1 it looks to still be spreading
i have small bumps popping up towards my butt now. i peroxide and vit e but more is needed it seems. wld liquid bandaid help? or wld it spread it more since it uses a applicator?

2 the really big one has no head, looks disgusting, i can see white skin where the top layer of skin has burnt off.that cant be good

I dont want to do meds as I get every bad side effect it seems.Ive read the aldera horror stories etc, even looked up the class action suit
What do i do now? Im very depressed.

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i found the acv and tto treatment option from this site. (im a female) and ive been treating everyday if not everyother day with both since July28. Its now august 23 and in still burning stuff away. Dont get too discouraged. Just keep trying and you'll find a formula for your body. Once the skin starts to peel away lt it heal for a day and the burn will be easier next application. Echinacea is helping alot as well.


A few months ago I noticed while in the shower a bump on my penis. I was horrified. I later found out my partner had HPV. I had heard of Elderberry extract. I started using it immediately with Grapefruit Seed Extract and Reishi extract. In 3 days the bump went away. I stopped using and it came back. I am now on a regimen of Vitamin C i buy the powder and add it to my water. I take 1 Elderberry, 1 Reishi and 1 grape seed extract. I feel great and ive noticed many benefits.


why people use acv as a first resort is beyond me. vitamin suppliments zinc, folic acid, and copius amounts of garlic by mouth and directly onto the affected area, should be the first and only resort. it may take a little longer to see a change but that wait is worth it. acv it seems, is so corrosive. and should be applied by a liscenced physician. Dnt be depressed... it'll get better yo!


Neuragen is also supposed to be helpful with the pain and irritation. Motrin and Advil help more than people think.


Im going through the same thing! please dont worry, I know exactly how you feel, it suuuucks! i have tried the acv thing but it just burns like hell and it started burning my skin right off, so I researched some more options and I have made a compilation of stuff people say have helped them. so I applied it yesterday and by this morning all of my warts looked significantly better so Im going to stick with this method as it seems to be working for me and its only been one day!
what I am using,
tea tree oil and iodine, iodine can be purchased at any drug store, usually comes in a really small bottle and the tea tree oil I found in a supplement store, should be realtively easy to find, oh and I also bought a bottle of garlic pills because apparently they are a powerful antifungal, they boost the immune system and help fight virus's which is exactly what hpv is. just take double the reccomended dosage Im taking 6 pills a day spaced out to 3 pills with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
like I said, its only been one day of taking the garlic pills and putting the mixture of tea tree oil and iodine on my warts and they are already drastically improving!
I wish you the best of luck! and remember, its not the end of the world, just make sure to be as healthy as possible with your diet and excercise as it helps you feel better and you wanna be as stress free and healthy as possible to fight this!

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