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Ok so me and my finance just got poison ivy in the past two weeks. We have tried calamine lotion, bathing in laundry soap, washing with dawn dish soap, and even scratched it open and put bleach directly on it ( spent burn as bad as what some people say). Nothing we tried helped. My sister gets it at a whim. I mean she gets close and wind is blowing the wrong way she'd gets it. Well she said to get some
Apple cider vinegar. And it has to be the apple cider vinegar or it wont work. But anyhow wet a washcloth or a paper towel and place it on the area and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Yes it will burn but by the next day mine was starting to scab over. We tried it on him last night and I haven't heard anything about it itching all day.
Hopefully you have as good of luck as we did.

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matthew blanton

Me and my prego gurl has poison oak and from wat u said we r going to go wit it. B4 I was told to use cedar limbs boil it and soak in it it work as a kid but no cedar trees around so we going to use ur idea. Oh and thanks 4 posting ot


i bathed in apple cider vinager last night for a good 30 mins and the itching only intesnsified. i felt good til i was dry and dressed and about to go to bed. it has spread so much already!


When i was young we had goats and we drank goat milk from goats who are poison oak. Never had poison oak until I became an adult. I like baking soda paste, it burns at first but takes away the itch. I love hot showers with poison oak, it's the only good thing I can say about it.

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