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angie rose

to get rid of diarrhea you should drink pickle juice i use this myself and it really works my grandma told me to try it so im telling you to try it

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Grandmas remedy didnt work for me it made me feel a little better at first but i still got the runns this really sucks!


tried it.. will wait nd see..


I tried it and it helped settle my stomach and it slowed my diarrhea down, Thank you for the tip.


Ok Grandma~ I just tried your remedy so hopefully it works!! 3 days is ENOUGH!!!!


Yes, this really worked. All that I had on hand was a new jar of dill relish. I could only get maybe 3 or 4 tablespoons of juice. I could never handle a cup. Thank you, Jesus!


I hope this works


I drunk a half cup of pickle juice this afternoon, and 2hrs later I had diarrhea. So this is untrue for everyone.

Person with pain

I hope it works I drink some.


How much is need to drank ?


When I first read this my first thought was 'psht, yeah right', but then i got so desperate that I went ahead and tried it anyway. It actually worked! lol who would have thought! Thank you for the advice!!

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