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angie rose

to get rid of diarrhea you should drink pickle juice i use this myself and it really works my grandma told me to try it so im telling you to try it

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That not only helped with diarrea, it actually made my stomach settle and feel better. Let whoever gave you that remedy know that I appreciate it.


My husband said, no don't do it - re: pickel juice - good thing I didn't listen - it really worked! Thank-you so much!

Gail Russell

I used the lemon juice and baking powder remedy mentioned here for the diarrhea, but the queasy feeling remained. So I drank one cup of dill pickle juice poured out of a kosher dill pickle jar, and surprisingly the queasiness went away within half an hour also! So you may want to do both for the diarrhea and about half an hour later do the pickle juice if the queasiness remains. I am very impressed how both have worked! And they are so much easier to use then some of the other remedies listed. I will try these in the future again! Must be the salt in the pickle juice that helps the stomach?


It's the dill. Dill is well known for calming queasy stomachs.


i had diarrhea for 3 days until i tried this! its cured it in half and hour! send my regards to Grandma.

Samantha Murfitt

I used this for my daughter I had a hard time finding something that my daughter would take that was a home remedy because she is picky but she loves pickles so i gave her this and it worked like a charm I reccomend do it.


Ok, so I just drank a cup of pickle Juice....I've had this for 3 days now.....Its the Vinager in the pickle juice that calms the bowls and subsides the symptoms....but how ever dont drink too much for your body is not custom to large amounts of Acid....

ashley claxton

oh gosh thank you. ive had it for three days straight and havent eating. ive been sleeping and cryin . the pain was soo bad so i searched things before i went to the hospital and i found your site . i drank pickle juice now i can walk straight and not usen the bathroom every 10 secs.


Omg tytyty I have had this mess bent over dubble drink pickle juice helped wooo hooo tytytytytytytyty


I dont know what is going on in my tummy! Didnt think you could deficate sooooooo much without getting hemroids lol but i do believe the pickle juice is working! Thank you grandma and alleluiah!!!!!

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