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So I'm not really sure if this is what I have or not. For the past few days I have been having sorness (stinging/burning) At first it was razor burn or a cut because I had Just shaved. Or maybe a UTI. But when I took a look at what was going on, I think I can see a blister or something. I'm really not sure, and at this point I just really don;t know what to do. I have never had cold sores before, and I have only ever been with one guy (My fiancé) but he says he doesnt get them either. I'm just very confused about this whole thing and not sure who to turn to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Please go see your doctor for a pap smear. If you don't have a doctor that you feel comfortable with, use Planned Parenthood, they are usually great. You should go for regular check ups every year, especially if you are sexually active.


Yes please go see a doctor u and your partner Planned Parent Hood is good r even if u guys have to go to the ER Are Mayb free clinic take care of your body we only get one it may not b as bad as it seems! Good Luck God Bless


My girlfriend and i are sexually active and recently i cut her while fingering her because she moved hastily and without warning and now she has as it seems similiar simptoms as did your synario turn out? cause when she went to the doctors, the doctor said she thinks she has herpes from the looks of the simptoms, and me and her both have only had sex with eachother. i am very worried about this and would really appreciate some advice or comments on my situation. i could reallyy use some help.


even though you only have had one sex partner you can still contract the virus. your mother could have gavin it to you when you were born adn you could also have contracted it when u were a child through a scrab or a cut on your body. your ammune system is very strong to keep it away and now that your ammune system is down thats it probabl why your having an outbreak


Thats what happened to me well first I had unprotected sex with my life partner. I took a shower sahved and I started feelin bad down there when I peed. I thought I had a uti or bladder infection so I just drank a lot of water to try and flush my system out. I went to my obgyn and they said i had a very bad infection I was in excruciating pain. They gave me antibiotics to kill the infection and something for pain. I started to get little blisters down there and I was reseachin and the only thing I came up with was this God forsaken HSV. I called my doctor and told them but they insisted that it was from the infection. Weeks went by they called me back and it came back I was positive for HSV. I was devastated. I'm only 22 have no kids and I am not married. Life goes on no matter what if your healthy or not. I did not have sex for a while because I felt so ashamed. If you do decide to have sex use protection. There is someone out there who will understand and love you for you. Dont give up on your dreams and ambitions. Try to do things that occupy your mind and keep you happy. Eat healthy and try to keep your stress levels low. Make sure you keep your hygiene up too. I recomment anti bacterial unscented soap. Hope this was helpful for you. Take care and God bless you.

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