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Hello, I'm 21 and I have had stretch marks that are lighter than my body since I was 15. I had my first baby last year so I got a few on my belly as well. I found a remedy that actually works for me and hopefully it will help someone else! You can do this how often you like, but I have a full-time job so I only have time to do it before I go to bed. First, I take a couple of cotton balls, soak them with 100% lemon juice, and cover my stretch marks with them. I flipped out the first time I did it because it looked like my stretch marks got lighter, but in reality, you can't change the color of your stretch marks(that's why tanning and covering them with makeup don't work). The lemon juice lightens the skin around the marks to give you more of an even skin tone. Once the juice dries, I cover them with aloe vera gel(I use a generic brand called 'great value' cuz I'm cheap like that, and it works just fine). When the gel dries, I put on my jammies and go to bed. In the morning I wash it off, and then I repeat the next night. After a week, mine are almost invisible...and I've had these babies for years. So hopefully this will help someone into a bikini this summer ;) Let me know if it works!

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Could I just soak a rag in ot an Lay it on my stomach?


Wow! I did this yesterday (a slight modified version), and it worked like a charm! I had to look twice to see if my eyes were deceiving me. I nearly flipped out too! I think in one week of doing this, that my would be nearly gone. I can barely see them now after just one treatment! I will do this everyday until they are invisible to the naked eye.

I'll report back and let you guys know when they are gone, and more details of the results when I get them. I'm hopeful I can be in a bikini this summer. It will be the first summer in about 10 years that I would be able to wear a bikini.


Hi, i have really bad stretch marks an dwould like to try this, is their any way you can email me the whole entire remedi. my email is


Its me again i was in a rush and it seems what i posted doesnt make sense, but i was wondering if u have the whole instructions on how to put your remendi on, and if u can email me step by step, thanks once again


hiya did u do this while u whr pregnant or after you had ur child? ive got two purple redish marks on my tummy and am scared incase they get worse.x


Hey Mimi! Thank you for posting your remedy. It worked for me! I'm and African American, 5'2' and 140 lbs. I started using your remedy 2 weeks ago and my stretch marks are almost gone and this is with skipping several days in between. I rubbed lemon juice on the marks and let it dry. Then used generic aloe vera gel and let that dry and went to bed. Noticed changes when I woke up and everyday I used it. Also I noticed that the more aloe vera gel I put on, the more noticeable the change. Hope this helps others wondering if it works! :)

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