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Okay here I am submitting what I hope will work for others. After reading the submissions I had my plantar wart removed by a podiatrist. They warned me to keep an eye on it for any recurrence or if they hadn't gotten it all. Low and behold I ended up with the wart coming back and four more warts on the same heel. I tried ACV which burned quite a bit and made it more difficult to walk. Tried duct tape which killed the skin around the wart areas also. I read a recent post about nail polish and tried that instead. WOW. I used the cheapest white nail polish and covered just those spots with the warts. With repeated applications and less than a month, the warts had turned black and were easy to pull off with a small pair of tweezers or a knife. Granted I had tried the other treatments first but the nail polish seemed to be the least painful and least noticeable in sandals. And yes, it finally worked.

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Wow, I surprised that nail polish works to remove planter wart. I have planter warts in my left foot and I recently noticed a tiny planter wart developing in my right foot. I have been looking for treatment for a long time. How long does it take to remove those with nail polish technique?

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