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My dad actually told me this one when I was 14!! Take a hair brush and rub it over the hickey back and forth for about three minutes or until the mark has gone. It totally disappears and does not come back as it helps with the blood vessels. This remedy has come very handy for the last 15 years especially after i got married :)

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i really could have used this technique in the passed 7 years of my life. but sure glad i know it now! I've never seen a hickey disappear like that. kind of a miracle.. thank u! :)


I'm busy with your 'brush' idea, IT'S actually WorKiNG!!! Thank Uuuuuuuuu!


I want to kiss ur daddy he is the best daddy to hv


Life saver! Thank you so much dad!


omfg genius saved me from an asswhipping

Mereeeee and Gabsssss

Shout out to him!


omg i did that lip sucking thing, and it left a hickey over my whole mouth and i have school and a job interview tomorrow!!!! HELLPPPP


What side do you use
What's of brush


Omg I have an interview tomorrow and i need that I am going to visit an old friend that I would really like to be with....tried this as soon as I got home and wow it really works...thanks dad your a life saver...

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