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My dad actually told me this one when I was 14!! Take a hair brush and rub it over the hickey back and forth for about three minutes or until the mark has gone. It totally disappears and does not come back as it helps with the blood vessels. This remedy has come very handy for the last 15 years especially after i got married :)

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Holly hell it worked I can't believe that I've always used a chapstick cap until I read this!


What the hell do you mean especially after you got married...I hope thos only implies you have and awesome sex life WITH your WIFE


Damnn that worked amazing, a must try!!!


Damnn that worked amazing, a must try!!!


Thanks so much! You can barely see it now. I will definitely continue to use this!


Um, the submitters name is Nicole so she's probably a woman married to a husband. Whether she's faithful or not is nobody's business.. What matters is that it works.. It even works on me, being black but light and EASILY bruised.. A regular brush with soft bristles seems to work fine.. Redness went away in like 15 minutes w/o ice.. Lets not abuse this new tip everyone ;) coming from a guy, not all guys cheat mkay, I'm sure waay more women are looking to cover up these than men based on the comments


This does work.. try it.. i didn't belive it. But i do now... :-)


Wow you're a life saver! My hickey was purple and when I tried this, it went from purple to a really light pink and its less noticeable!! (:


Fixing to try hope it works


Last nigh t i had a guy sleep over and i have today of but tom im back to work and i have to have it gone so im ganna try this and pray it works. Its a pretty bad hickey and my mom hasnt noticed it yet (im 21and live with her and she would just chew me out!)

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