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My dad actually told me this one when I was 14!! Take a hair brush and rub it over the hickey back and forth for about three minutes or until the mark has gone. It totally disappears and does not come back as it helps with the blood vessels. This remedy has come very handy for the last 15 years especially after i got married :)

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it lightened it but now my neck is raw from brushing wth??


It lightened mine too and I have the same issue my neck and part of my chest is rummed raw. Is there a reconmended type of brush I should have used? Either way it did lighten it and im happy about that.

GA Girl :)

OMG, IT DID WORK!!! Thank u soooo much!!


Your dad is my new hero!


No way.... I've heard this, but haven't tried it until after I read all the comments. AMAZING!! I am shocked. Ps to those who asked use the brush side. Like brushing your neck (or wherever the hickey may be lol)


U are mi hero .!! Omg thnkz .!

Happy Wife

I was skeptical but just tried it on my husband and it did lighten it up (it was pretty dark to start with). I think it would be even lighter if he wasn't all sticky from working outside - I'll definitely have to try it once he's cooled off!! Thank you so much!! :)


I just tried it and I am ecstatic. The brush really works.


You are my hero! Thank you so much.


Thank u so much but the only thing I would add is after the brush use a frozen spoon to get rid of the swelling and the redness

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