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ok so after being up almost all night and reading through all the remedies i have opted for using salt water icy hot and benedryl and a wet towel heated in the microwave for 5 mins and wrapped in another towel so it doesnt burn your skin stays hotter longer this way my mouth has stopped throbbing and the benedryl is slowing putting me to sleep as i type this if all goes well i will finally sleep will be posting again in the morning to state if the remedy worked or not thanks to everyone's ideas and good luck to everyone else it totally sucks not to have health insurance...
rub the icy hot on the side of face where the pain is then swoosh the warm salt water in your mouth a couple times then take benedryl i took two and then heat up your wet towel in the microwave for 5 mins and wrap with another dry towel to keep heat in and most definitley sleep sitting up i am in a recliner with feet up and head up and hot towel on my face hope this works

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