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i have been suffering with toothache for 3 days but if i go to the dentist he will put it out. Its a baby tooth with a silver filling in it, as i have no adult tooth above it which should of pushed it out so i had a filling put in to try and save it for longer but its been a pain since. Ive had four fillings in it so far and each time part has crumbled out so i decided to get a tampon or fold up a few pieces of toilet paper into a long rectangle and soak in mouthwash, works a treat for me as well as taking two parcetamol and two codine tablets! Hope it helps :)

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Hi am riaan from south afrika I got very bad tooth acke am gone go two the dentis two take out. My wizdim teeth its so sore I can't sleep that the onley op is two take it out nothing worket with me


I think the only thing that's taking your pain away is all the codine you've been taking. That stuff will eat your stomach lining and do horrible things to your digestive system.

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