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I used to get styes regularly. I got one and the girl I was dating (pHD chemist) told me to put EAR WAX on it. It went away within a couple of hours. I started using this remedy whenever I'd feel one forming and it has always worked, always. I initially thought it was pretty gross but I no longer get styes. Don't ask me how it works but it sure did for me.

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I just tried this last night and when I woke up this morning it was gone.


burns like hell,hope it works.


I just tried it... Hopefully it works because I don't want to bring in my 30th birthday with a fat eye!!! Ear wax please do the job! I'll keep you all posted:)

Ms. Jazzy

I'm gonna try this right now, then I will keep up guys updated on my results...truth is, I would much rather try this remedy than the urine 1.


This worked so well! I started to get one yesterday and put ear wax on it and it cleared up by this morning. Thank you!! I want to tell everyone I know, but it is kind of gross.


Have to be at work in five hours and just applied wax. Will keep u posted on progress


My wedding is in two days and without any sign something was irritating my eye and it was annoying, blinking and having that feeling.Then stye under my eyelid.
I just put ear wax while reading this post and with in 20 min started to get smaller and I feel better!!! It looks like my eye will return to normal at the end of day.Thank you soooo much, my soon to be wife also thanks you.
Finally I find a use for ear wax


Ooh god I just did it and my eye is burning and watering like crazy... urg I hope it works... this is first time I ever had it


Got a sty two nights ago from my mascara, ugh had to throw it out. Tried hot compresses yesterday, it seemed to go down, till I woke up this morning and my eye was almost swollen shut. Tried the ear wax literally like 10 min eye is SIGNIFICANTLY better.


I did this, and the tenderness subsided immediately! I can't believe people get surgery for these... That is an insane waste of time and money! Are the people with burning eyes putting wax inside their eyes?? That seems like a bad idea... Now I wait to see if it goes away!

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