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I used to get styes regularly. I got one and the girl I was dating (pHD chemist) told me to put EAR WAX on it. It went away within a couple of hours. I started using this remedy whenever I'd feel one forming and it has always worked, always. I initially thought it was pretty gross but I no longer get styes. Don't ask me how it works but it sure did for me.

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thanks um gone to use this rite now hope it work

the way i feel and LOOK I'm willing to try any thing including this only thing is i keep my ears cleen and dont have any earwax to use like really how much do i need, I'm about to ask my girlfriend hopefully her ears are dirty, but before i do that gross -ish- would someone elses earwax help?

joebob :P

LOL earwax just had to laugh i am willing to try anything considering im gona be live on television in 3 days im starting to panic...will update how it works :D


Are you serious!! People .. Ear wax? Has it worked for anyone else? Please update with results. I had one and as soon as it popped another one grew right next to it... ( just a note of caution to prevent styes.. Don't touch your eyes right after picking your butthole.. At lease don't use the same finger.)


it seams gross but i guess i will try it!!!!!!!!!!!


I tried this just because I figured I had nothing to loose. Despite the grossness, it works!


Ok so I was hesitant to try this because 1.It's gross and 2.I thought someone posted this as a joke. After two days of hot compresses my stye was not going ANYWHERE so I tried it and I got immediate relief! It stopped hurting and is already getting smaller!


WOW now honestly I know that putting ear wax work on fever blisters and I can honestly say that I have applied them to mine. When ever I feel one developing on lip I apply wax before it can develop and like the next day it is gone completely dried up. I have a sty developing on my bottom eye lid I think that I will give it a shot hey if I can stand applying it to my lips I can at least try my eye


Urine on an infected area? You just putting more bacteria on the infection and it's gonna cause major problems. Basically, there's no known cure for a stye. So you can do one or two things.. A). Have the stye surgically removed, (which requires a million dollars). Or B). Get a nice black patch and put it over your eye permanently to hide that nasty huge pimple on your eyelid.


The person with the Urine comment is obviously a moron and knows nothing about Urine. It's actually quite sterile. This person also obviously knows nothing about Styes. Shame really. You need to go do a bit of research.

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