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Alot of people are saying 'oh, just go to the doctor and get anti-biotics...' This is NOT always a good idea. Some infections are mild and can be treated at home until thet clear up on their own. If you take an anti-biotic for every little infection, your body will not be able to build antibodies to fight them on it's own. Vinegar, peroxide, alcohol, warm olive oil, etc... ALL very good suggestions. Also, add a little thyme oil (JUST A DROP!!!) to about 2 oz of warm olive oil and add a couple drops in your ear twice a day. Thyme has natural infection fighting properties. :)

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Yes and until you visit the doctor to get a PROPER diagnosis, I wouldn't waste time putting my kids through anything horrid just to 'see if it works'. I'm pregnant and can't take certain oils or spices so what are my options? I'd rather chance it out with an expensive doctor's appointment than have a bunch of do-gooder idiots who have no idea what they're talking about give me MEDICAL ADVICE. You're all insane.

Mandi Piercey

Does not make someone crazy because they have home remedies to help with sickness um mean really how do you think they did a 100 years ago bot no doctor because most ppl lived to far and a doctor took days or weeks to get to them you don't like home remedies then why even come to the site duh btw in this day and age we all can't be Si lucky as you and go rida the doctor for every little thing so gave respect or don't come on the site


First comments pretty bitchy. I kind of feel sorry for your kid.

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