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Ever since my operation to remove my wisdom teeth 3 years ago, I suffer from severe toothache because the anaestethic weakened my teeth.

I've had so many root canals done and crowns because my teeth just break in half. Normally I have to wait a month to go to the dentist because they're so fully booked.

So in that month of agony I have tried many home remedies that don't dig too deep a hole in your pocket and found a couple that have worked.

1) A shot of brandy on the aching area. Just hold there for as long as you can, it tastes horrible and you smell terrible afterwards, but it works wonders.

2) Making a paste of clove oil and asprin. Rub onto the affected tooth and surrounding gums. Tastes awful, but really really works for me.

3) Prodol teething drops. Yes I know its for babies, but a person gets despereate. Just apply a little bit of the solution on the affected tooth and voila. Pain free for a few hours.

4) Baking powder works wonders. Just apply to the tooth and surrounding gums and it numbs it for a while.

5) Ipobrufen. Myprodol or Mypaid (South Africa) works amazingly but takes a while to kick in.

Hope these few remedies helps someone else out there!

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You shouldn't apply aspirin to a problem tooth - it's acidic and will make any problems with cavities worse, even though it will feel better initially.

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