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Hey guys, I have been dealing with unbearable tooth pain from a cavity/filling that must have cracked on one of my molars. It seems to come only at night.

Anyways, I found a product at Walgreens/CVS Pharmacy that INSTANTLY relieved my toothache. It's called 'Red Cross Toothache Complete Medication Kit'. You basically dip a very small cotton ball into the medicine, and then place it on the tooth/or cavity for a minute. Instant relief! It costs around $5-$8.

Thank me later!

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Hello and Thank you so much. This has helped me tremendously, seeing as I am 8 weeks pregnant. I could not get to my OB so they could sign a paper saying I could get anti-biotics or have an extraction done. I am finally able to do the things I need for my son, my schoolwork, and my stress level. Again Thank you!


I just got that too for my tooth ache helped for a minute and its back again in more pain then ever


Thank You Oscar! I went to my Wallgrns and got the last one they had. They give you everything you need, but I used a Q-tip to
put it on my tooth, in 20min my pain was gone. What a good product.
Rick Erie, Pa


Thank u !!!!!! 😷So mush better...

Michelle Sherman

I have a few teeth that are decaying I've been in severe pain for months . I don't have health care so no dental . A month ago I bought the Red Cross tooth kit but didn't use cause a pharmacist told me oragel would work better . So for weeks I've been suffering . Tonight I read the post about the Red Cross medical kit and it claimed to work great . Well I got it out and sure enough the pain that's been ruining my life came to a halt . Alittle irritation but I can deal with anything after how much pain I'm in . Thanks to whoever posted that trick . It does work now I can get some sleep


Wow...just wanted to say 'THANKS' my tooth is severly decayed and like so many I cannot afford a dentist right now. The Red Cross product gives me enough relief to continue with my business throughout the day and get some sleep at night. I do my best to keep my mouth clean and use the product....Thanks again!!!


Don't work best to just go to an affordable dentist


it is clove oil in the little jar

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