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My back molar started hurting 5 days ago I took some pain killers and brushed it very good for the next 4 days while also using a liquid called Eugenol that came in a filling repair kit that you can get at any grocery or drug store the one I purchased was made by DenTek. All of that worked until this evening the 5th day I started to get some swelling early in the evening and the swelling got so bad it now looks like I have a golf ball and a half inside my cheek, you would think that I would be in excruciating pain luckily I wasn't it was very sore and irritating, and let me say I don't handle pain well, but it was mostly bearable however I did end up going to the ER which I'm very glad I did and would STRONGLY suggest you go too!! Yes you have to wait but believe me by the time I got the antibiotics and steroid shot I was in enough pain it was all worth it!! If you decide to wait though I will say the Eugenol liquid worked wonders and using a cold compress. DO NOT use the actual filling part of the kit it will only make it worse I found that out the hard way! Hope this helps!!!

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