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Thanks everyone for your recomendations on this board. I read this at almost 1am cause I was in so much pain and couldn't sleep. Right away I looked up the nearest cvs 24 hour pharmacy to me. I went right away and found the Red Cross Toothache kit. Just got home and used it. Wow, instant releif. Thanks so much. This is day 9 after my tooth was pulled. I've endured the pain for about 6 days now. Yea, I must have been crazy, but so glad I finally started looking into why this gum hole was so painful. Thanks.

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TRUST me when I say you are NOT crazy!! I had all 4 *Impacted wisdom teeth (both bottoms were completely horizontal... As my grandpa teases, I could chew sideways) extracted on August 24th, it's been 2 weeks of painkillers and ice/heat packs then spent the last 48 hrs in agony with no painkillers and throwing up several times. Now its the long weekend and the surgeon isn't going to be in for days. Hopefully these remedies work!!

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