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When I feel a cold sore coming on, (right when you feel the tingle), I put a piece of ice on directly on it. Keep it there for as long as you can stand it, and do this for about an hour. The sor will skip right to the end andyou will have a small scab for a bout 2 days. No pain, No weeping, no nasty sore.

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I tried this as well as used Dial anti-bacterial---they worked. No weeping sore and it scabbed over in 1 day


used just ice for about 20 min. nothing happened just really cold


i woke up with a red spot (and ironically had a dream last night that i had a cold sore) so i started doing the ice thing - i'd just hold the ice on there till it melted about every hour- now i'm into the tiny blister stage so after reading this i'm gonna suck it up and try the ear wax :P

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