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I also want to point out that obviously many products are efficient at killing the bugs, probably even the over the counters. However where those fail is that they are not safe to use every day and to defeat these critters you need something you can kill them with every day. The reason you use the treatment today and find live bugs tomorrow is because every lice lays one egg a day. Typically most people do not know they have lice until days after contracting them. Anything beyond day one in treatment means you have eggs that are at different maturity stages. The eggs hatch in approx 7 days. So example would be your child contracts them on Weds and you do not discover the situation until Monday. You treat on Monday, but nothing kills the eggs, just the bugs. The eggs that are there on Monday will probably hatch on Tuesday, so now you have live bugs again and you just treated the day before. The babies take five days to mature before they can lay eggs. The over counter treatments focus on treat and kill live bugs and then treat again in 7 to 10 days to kill hatched eggs. But in this case scenerio, which is a realistic one because most do not find out for days, you then have babies that have matured and laid eggs before you can retreat with that over the counter. Therefore the cycle does not get broken, it just keeps reinfesting every 7 to 8 days and it is a endless repeatitive task. Your main focus has to be getting rid of the eggs. It is imperative that you daily use the close toothed metal nit comb and spend time sectioning hair and removing those eggs. Even with that, there will probably be eggs that are missed, so you need to pick a product like the Denorex shampoo and shampoo daily and comb out with nit comb, blow dry high heat and flat iron the hair..apply heat, it is the only thing that will kill the eggs.

Newly laid eggs are whitish colored and laid close to the scalp. As the eggs mature they turn brown colored and typically you will find them further down the hair shaft which I think happens from washing, combing, brushing hair. If you find brownish colored eggs further down the hair shaft, then you are finding eggs about ready to hatch..which means you have had the lice at least five days. That is five days of egg laying and numerous eggs maturing at different times, you are going to find new live lice anywhere from the next day after treatment or a couple days and every day more will hatch. Treat daily for 8 days, that is the only way to completely be rid of them. DO NOT USE over counter lice treatments every day, they will poison you, even using them once every 7 to 10 days will poison you or your child after multiple times. Get the Denorex and use daily, it is safe to use daily and it will kill the live bugs. The Listerine can be used daily if you like, or mayo, olive oil or any of the safe to use home remedies that contain no toxic elements. Never put kerosene on your child's head, never put spray insecticides, that is extremely toxic and dangerous for your child.

I also want to suggest for furniture, beds, pillows, and anything safe to use it on...remember that heat over 58 degrees kills lice and eggs, the reason you put blankets and such in a hot dryer for 20 to 30 minutes...if you have a steam iron..use it on your furniture and beds, pillows. Or a dress steamer, anything that puts out hot steam is going to kill lice and eggs.

Hope this helps make sense as to why you can treat with a Rid or Nix or any other product that kills the bugs and then find live bugs hours or a day later. Those eggs are going to hatch on schedule and their schedule may be a half hour after you treat your head. So it may not be a case of the product does not work, did not kill all the bugs, you may just have new hatchings. It is a diligent daily vigil for 8 days, killing off the new daily babies from missed eggs. Remove the eggs daily and treating any missed daily that escape your comb and manage to hatch.

My suggestion (which was National Pudiculosis Association suggestion given to me when I went through it and after a month and half of every seven days having reoccurance of lice and another round of over counter that was poisoning my child and making us both have respitory distress and it worked just as they promised, lice was gone for good!):
Daily for 8 days -
1. Wash hair with Denorex shampoo, let sit for about 5 minutes on head. Rinse and condition with the Suave Coconut conditioner.
2. Lay out some towels to sit on and towel dry hair, then sectioning off hair, work the metal close tooth nit comb through the hair working from top to bottom and doing very small sections at a time. Have a cup of water and a paper towel there, run comb through the hair, swipe on the paper towel after each time and dip in water, then do next piece of hair. Do entire head like this. Every day you will find more nits, as they mature and move down hair shaft they tend to come off more easily I guess.
3. When finished combing, blow dry hair on high heat, then follow this with a hot flat iron. The heat kills eggs.

It is a battle against the eggs that you are waging, and it takes time and patience daily, but if you want lice free you have to do it. It is worth the time believe me.

My final suggestion is, as they advised me and it has been four years lice free even when kids at school with lice have hugged my child, coats together, and so on..all the hazards at school. Use a daily repellent. Back then they told me to use tea tree shampoo and conditioner. They had me put the oil in her shampoo and conditioner..and it works, but..they have now released a warning on the tea tree and it has been pulled off the shelfs of over counter because it can cause liver problems. It is only used on toenails now as a daily treatment. Good news is, they have come out with a daily spray that works for eight hours called Quit Nits. You can get it at Walmart for $8.00. Spray it on your childs hair in the morning before sending to school and they will be protected. Keep your girls hair up in braids if they have long hair. An ounce of prevention is worth more then a lb of cure!

Hope this helps.

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A lot of useful information, thanks.
Going to try this. My daughter just found her 9 yr old daughter has lice yesterday. She also has a 3 yrs old daughter. The four of us live in the same house.
I'm going to invest in the Denorex and Suave Coconut conditioner.
She has used mayo before but that is awful to get washed out.

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