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OK, so I took a lot of peoples advice and did what they said, but then I added my own mix to it as well. First I started by rincing off my face with Dawn dishwashing liquid soap and cold water. after scrubbing up a nice lather and rincing it off I took those Clearasil Ultra deep pore cleansing pads and scrubbed the rash to open them up, then I took some mouthwash (alcohol works just as well but i didnt have any)and placed it on a cotton ball and dabbed it on the rash (and yes this burns like heck!!) After that I put some of the Proactive solution on it. Step 3 only. as soon as it dried I felt immediate from the itching but still to soon to tell on the actual rash.

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there's a plant called jewel weed or 'touch me not'. it usually grows near poison ivy and helps a lot. you crush the stems and rub the liquid over the rash. do the google and make sure you know what it looks like. good luck :)

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