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ok if you have dry skin then get nivea lotion and aloe verda gel and mix til it has green swirls and put it on you're face for 2 or 3 min. and after put tooth paste my friend said to put toothpaste it will help so it was to boring so i did this recipe and it works perfectly well... for me try it and by the way leave toothpaste on for a minute it might burn but that's if it works.

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Toothpaste helps to dry out blemishes only if it has benzoyl peroxide. Toothpaste will not help replenish your skin of oil. Dry skin is lack of oil, dehydrated is lack of water. Toothpaste won't help either.


And you should apply aloe first since its lighter and absorbs differently than lotion. Apply lotion last to seal in the aloe vera


Hi I applied Nivea, but when i did my skin burned, so i took it right off, is this normal. btw, i have never had skin like, this and just in the past 3 days, my skin has become a little stiff. i have been applying olive oil, but nothing seems to work so far. my beauty therapist said leave it and let your natural skin oils come out for at least 48 hours. hope this helps, and pls give me some advice some skin gets better soon, thx. :)


Hi this is me who applied the nivea, and my skin burned. My skin healed ages ago now, and it feels fab! all i did was apply olive oil every morning and evening, until my skin became flaky and dry. When it was flaky and dry, i got a 'simple' facial wipe and just wiped firmly at the dryness, and it all came off onto the wipe, I did this for two days, still applying the olive oil. Since I am slightly dark skinned, my fresh skin came out to look lighter and cleaner. My skin healed within 1 week- 10 days, and I only use natural products, home made, and they don't con tai chemical. I tried avocado and honey, looked weird, but worked. Hope I helped, bye x

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