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This is my remedy for angular cheilitis. I did my research on the Internet and found conflicting reasons and 'cures'. Some said that it was caused by a fungus and others by a bacteria. So I tried remedies for both at the same time. First I would rub liquid antibacterial soap onto the cracks at the corners of my mouth. I would leave this on for about ten minutes and then rinse it off. Next I would rub on an anti-fungal cream and follow with a layer of Vaseline. I did this a couple of times a day. After a day and a half of doing this, the painful cracks were gone and it no longer hurts to open my mouth! I will continue to do this at night for a few more days and hope that the problem is gone for good. But if not, I will try this treatment again. I hope this helps others who are suffering from this painful, unsightly condition!

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i have a really bad case of angular chellitis,and i tried 1% cortizone,and any product out there,i followed these steps,and the antibacterial soap is critical, i bought palmolive dish soap,says antibacterial on face, kept on ten minutes, let it dry after rinsing,it feels so tight, than usedanti fungal cream(lotrimin) ,i spread on with cotton ball,after one night, saw redness decrease,mouth looked better, and i could see healing beginning, it had been really bad ,and this is working, keep washing hands,when cleaning ,and use clean cotton for each side, it will work, leave anti fungal cream on,let it dry,use carmax over it,three times a day, and always at night

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