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Nancy Lee

Believe it or not, I had a poison ivy rash that would nOt go away after 7 weeks of creams, 2 cortizone shots, oatmeal baths etc.Then I went online and looked for a natural cure, somewhere I found a site that said to rub the inside of a banana peel all over the rash. Within seconds the rash stopped itching and went away in 2 days. It only took 2 applications of peels a day.Now all the doctors I know in West Virginia are recomending this to their patients rather than a very expensive cortizone. God has truly blessed us with His own cures!

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I bought the bananas but I'm not sure they are working. I still have alot of poison ivy. I'll wait the two days and find out.


I think Clorox is more effective than the banana insides. The clorox does sting but I just don't think the banana peels work at all. I'm glad they worked for you but they did nothing for me. Whenever I get poison Ivy none of the over the counter stuff works. CVS had something for 39.99 which may have worked but it was out of my price range so I stuck with clorox and some cotton balls.


Nanna Peels has been the remedy we have used for like a charm! The hint is to catch rash early


after one use of rubbing the peel....mmmmmmm....feels great!!! thanks.


it dident work for me, i just feel more itching and pain =[


I have just rubbed the inside of a banana on the spots and i think its starting to work but only on sertin spots ill just wate it out and see what happens.


actually, i just did that . and it didnt help a bit.

Relieved from Poison Ivy

Did u mean by Plantain peels?? Yes that works not the regular banana peel.

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