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Tooth Ache? Dont Worry. Our Body has lots of buttons to enhance of turn off some signals. These are well Known as Pressure Points.

There is a Point just below your left and right ear. Pressure points hurts when pressed a bit. just move your finger pressing that area below ear and close to jaw bone till you find a pain while pressing. Press it for 1 min. And Pain will go instantly for 15~30 minutes at cost of 1 min.
If it does not work there then press the Right hand skin which joints the middle and point finger.

Hope it helps. It helped me so I help u.!! I am not a Guru. so don't ask me more for these. Search google.

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Toothache Traie

You are great for pointing this out. I have a marathon to run this weekend and my tooth started aching like crazy. Need to see the dentist; but who can afford that now a days.


you are my angel!


Amazing - this technique instantly halved the pain, and combined with Aleve or a similar OTC pain medication, it should provide great relief for a toothache. Thanks so much! =)


Thanks- works immediately


wow!! sitting hear reading all the suggestions when this one came up.. i immediately applied pressure, by the time i had finished reading... pain was gone =) thanks so much!!!

the creature from plaque lagoo

hey thx for the tip.. Just tried it n it works wonders.. Will have to remember this.


Wow...okay I've known about pressure points for years because I'm in law enforcement. But I never thought about using them to stop other pain. It has cut the pain pretty much in half.

Thank you.




Had/have pain in my front lower tooth. This really did help knock the pain down a couple of levels. Thank you.


This helped heaps. I was literally in tears over the pain I was in & this method helped me more than the garlic/salt water solution. Thanks again!

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