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I just used chunky peanut butter to fill the tooth, in an obvious attempt to keep air from reaching the exposed nerve, i figured the chunks would be an annoyance, but as i'm out of creamy, not much i can do about that, however, i have found that getting a peanut lodged in, and then heating a small bit of saran wrap just enough to keep it hot long enough to continue melting while i placed it, i found that it has seemingly melded to the peanut and reexpanded slightly, filling the hole

probably not a very plausible fix, and it has not completely removed the pain, but it has dropped it from a splitting 10 down to maybe a low throbbing 3, and that is a relief i can use to keep me functioning properly

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hmmm i wouldnt recommend this ... you could get antiobiotics from your doc or a walk in clinic im sure they could give u pain killers aswell..

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