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There is NO rhym or reason for RLS. I have had is for about 30 yrs and suffered terribly. About 10 yrs ago I started seekng treatment. anyting to help me.....SLEEP soundly. I have been to numerous nuerologists and RLS specialist....MIRAPEX is the only thing that helps me and has been very successful. However, NO caffeine, alocohol and smoking Can help as well. I still do all three LOL....and suffer some nights. My worst nights are a change in the weather. Rain, Snow, Hot to Cold, etc. Exercise makes it worse for me. Last night was one the worst nights I had in a Very long time. I had some wine, a smoked and its raining like crazy ...........I know in the past couple yrs have developed it in my arms as well. So between my legs and my left arms i wanted to to die. The creepy crawly unable to stay still shaking kept me awake all night and I took probably 20 Mirapex in effort for some sleep. Didnt work so well. I have been through every NEUROLOGICAL test, blood name it and everything was FINE. you just have to cope, stay away from triggers like alcohol caffeine sugar and smoking....get some Mirapex and SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can't believe that so many people seem to be trying all these different treatments that have nothing to do with RLS. It is a nervous system malfunction, and one of the best things to treat that is magnesium, which 90% of the population is deficient in. Specifically, calcium-magnesium, which will help slow down your heart rate, cool your body temperature and ease the RLS. I've had it for over 10 years and have taken this the entire time and it works extremely well.


Thank you for your comment regarding the zinc magnesium. It has also worked wonders for me. I do not want to take a prescription drug. I worry about side effects and prefer to give my body what it is lacking to perform, rather than use a drug to try to cover up a symptom.

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