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I know it will sound extremely weird, but my mom is a smoker and we got this cure from my grandmother, her mother.

If you blow cigarette smoke, cigar, or other type of smoke from one person's mouth into the ear, it will make it feel better. This is my usual remedy, as I get earaches quite often.

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Well I just can't believe how stupid some people are, it's a well known fact that children who breath second hand smoke are more likely to get ear infections surley to god this kind of practice will only make matters worse !! Just can't believe that people are sitting blowing smoke in there childs face !! Absolute idiots !!


complete idiot.


s parents, it is their choice. Technically they AREN'T blowing it into the faces....just their ears. No on should criticize a parents way of parenting. So, please no name calling. Anyway, I have a bad ear ache that just started this around 10. its now 10 at night and i just cant get to sleep. My fiance will be getting home any minute so I will have him blow smoke in my ear four times and then 3-4 drops of peroxide. HOPEFULLY, this at least helps me get some sleep. I haven't had an ear ache since I was a child. I got ear aches all the time...SWIMMERS EAR!! Ick!! But I doubt this is it :/ Thank you to the poster. I can't wait to try this. I'm DESPERATE!


I grew up in the 70's and my parents would stick the cigarret butt in the in just enough to keep there and it would look like the cigarret was being sucked because it looked amber red at tip.

isabel hernandez

This actually works my mom and grandmother uses it all the time and I've done it with my husband and my kids


Tried and to my amazement it works.......


My brother did this once when I had an ear ache. It made it worse. I ended up getting an inner ear infection and was in excrutiating pain.


Wow... If you think blowing smoke in someone's ear will cure an ear ache, then you have gone full retard.

Please remove yourself from the internet, and check yourself into a hospital.

I'm not kidding.


Same effect can happen from a hot water bottle with a towel wrapped around it or a heating pad. It's the warmth that helps the pain and allows the body to fight off the infection. Don't expose kids tobacco smoke when it's not necessary.


It's not the smoke, but the heat that helps. The smoke with all of it's toxins will likely cause you problems later in life. I recommend throwing a towel or wash cloth in the dryer until it's warm and sticking it on your ear. Some people claim a hair dryer on low helps too.

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