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I know it will sound extremely weird, but my mom is a smoker and we got this cure from my grandmother, her mother.

If you blow cigarette smoke, cigar, or other type of smoke from one person's mouth into the ear, it will make it feel better. This is my usual remedy, as I get earaches quite often.

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None ya bidness

Omg that sounds insane!!!!


maybe that's why you have ear infections so often.

Peg G

When I was growing up that's what you did for ear aches. There was no medicine. Smoke or oil, proxide that was your choice.That was in the 1940's. Now was that so bad. My ears are great. So go fiquare


i totally got this from my grandmother too who got it from her grandmother it works!


Copied from

Depending on the Type of Infection. There are Inner, Middle, and Outer Ear Infections. The Most common would be Middle, also known as 'Swimmers Ear.' This type of Infection is cause by a fungi which lives off the water trapped in your ear after swimming. (Usually from swimming in Ponds or unclean bodies of water) When you blow smoke into the ear the warm smoke dries out the ear and clogs the passage(ear canal) and this vitally damage the infection or even kill it... to ensure the infection is gone, after you blow smoke into the ear, put 2-3 drops of peroxide into the ear. If these do not work see a doctor.


My grandma always told me this too. The people commenting about it being insane clearly haven't actually tried it. I personally never found it to help that much, though, but some of my family members say it helps a lot.


Ok, I thought this was insane! But I had to try something as my son was crying because his ear was sore. I thought what the heck, I'll try it. I blew smoke (not inhaled) into his ear about 4 times. Kinda felt ridiculous but its late and he's tired as well, so viola its only been 5 minutes since I blew the smoke in his ear and he's sound asleep! Thanks guys for this remedy! Can't believe it worked. Thanks again!! :)


In all the years, I have had the internet. I have never commented on anything. But this idead of blowing ssmoke into ears my darling is the most thickest thing I have ever heard!


I don't know about blowing smoke directly in the ear to help with ear infections, but I DO know that many studies have confirmed that breathing second-hand smoke makes you much more likely to get an ear infection in the first place!


That's exactly what my dad used to do for me when I had an ear ache as a kid. And yes, it did do wonders. I never had to go to the doctor for an ear infection. As bizarre as it sounds, it does work.

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