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as soon as it begins to itch dab every 4 hours w/ bleach. a q-tip works well for this

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I like the bleach thing. It does wonders for my outbreaks. I will CONTINUE to use bleach as long as it's on the market. No tingling. No blisters OR bumps. And No scars!! Bleacher for life here. Kill herpes in a heartbeat. I know!


I have always bathe in bleach even as a child, I'm going to try it


The best way to treat herpes Siri apply scrub free Ruth bleach in it. Burns like fuck but it will go away within a couple hours. Re-apply scrub free directly to blister until it's gone for like a day.


My doctor told my to use the Clorox wipes and dab it on the sore. I only get one breakout a year and after using the wipe they heal in 3 days with no pain.


@Paul. I am not sure what you meant there. Also, I would try about anything to get rid of these sores.


Bleach baths are, not stupid. They are even medically recommended sometimes. My son had this nasty rash on his skin ...that was painful and only on the left side of his body.

A doctor told me...after seeing him to bathe him in diluted bleach water for 10 minutes everyday until it went away. Stop talking about stuff you dont know about. It's not just a home remedy if a doctor would tell a parent to use it on a child...

Ppl take bleach baths for various reasons...


What is BHT? And, how do I obtain it?

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