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as soon as it begins to itch dab every 4 hours w/ bleach. a q-tip works well for this

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Grapefruit Seed extract is safer & is an alternative to bleach. It's good for all kinds of remedies


I get outbreaks on my bum and use a cotton bud with neat bleach and it sorts it instantly its also the perfect treatment for nail fungus.


They use bleach on abcess teeth it will not kill you to put it on a sore


The folks who laughs at the idea of using bleach for certain infections - have never lived nor functioned outside of this country. Be very careful who you are calling ignorant - check yourself before you put down billions of people... Who are surviving just fine without your judgement. Laughing at people who are struggling with the symptoms is a little warped also.


Speaking of bleach. Know that it only takes 4 drops of (household) 3\\% chlorine bleach to a gallon of water, with a 30-minute contact time, to make most (organically) non-potable water safe and potable.


Bleach even kills the HIV virus, but it kills .people too directly in the bllod stream so it isn't really a cure


Why do people put their selfish opinions ahead of the problem. Yes bleach is a dangerous chemical but so are most of the ingredients in medication that doctors give us to that only suppress our symptoms and not cure the problem. Bleach? I keep reading articles where they say bleach 100\\% killed viruses including herpes yet they say there isn't a cure . But if something can kill off the virus that well isn't that a cure ? So why not try ? Why can't we take a cure upon ourselves if doctors only want to go around the subject ?


I have been using bleach in my warm bath water and it works miracles. The pain, burning and itching is gone after 4 caps of bleach in tub full of water . Soaking for 30 minutes really helps. After I get out I put healing ointment on and get my day started!!


Bleach is also used in swimming pools to get rid of algae growth


Bleach can also be put on poison ivy, etc..

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