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as soon as it begins to itch dab every 4 hours w/ bleach. a q-tip works well for this

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I tend to get a small outbreak of what looks like two to three small ulcers in the crack of my butt about an inch above my rectal opening. They usually appear after some kind of trauma, like a rectal year or fissure, and take weeks to heal. They've never presented as blisters and never itch, they just burn like fire and make wiping the most painful experience in the world. I tried abreva, no luck, I've tried Valtrex, didn't seem to do a damn thing either. Two days ago I had another round appear, so I'm going to try the bleach. I started it today, and as expected, it burned like hell, but we will see if it works!


Bleach is like concentrated salt so if diluted it works well and is recommended by doctors for many things


Bleach is in a lot of product already that we use I tried it & I am a female nothing happens it is soothing it doesn't burn at all. Like a milk bath which smoothed ur skin.

no worries

Ive done it in the shower, totally fine no worries..ive used it on my eczema as well works great

Bleach Believer

I work at a hospital where i assist nurses in wound care. They actually use diluted bleach and it Does work wonders.


Actually Bleach diluted with saline in addition to baking soda, optional, is prescribed, used medicinally on chronic wounds. It's called Dakins Solution. I'm a nurse. We didn't use it for HSV so unsure how effective it would be... Look it up. But just to note that bleach IS used on the skin. Would be great if it worked for that purpose.


Baking Soda and Vinegar


Genital Herpes is not a bacteria ,it's a virus that attaches it's self to the genital nerves. Do not ever put undiluted bleach on your penis or vagina. It will burn your skin like the fires of hell, then your bleached skin well swell up with fluid like somebody used a lighter on your skin. experiment #1 failed.


Bleach kills bacteria and herpes. Works on cold sores, and is very cheap. Everyone has it. Mix one part bleach to five parts water. I never bother to rinse. Pammy and whatever sound like they work for the drug companies.. Use commonsense.


You guys are so ignorant. Bleach is chlorine!!! What do u think u guys swim in during the summer? A pool of water filled with bleach! Two to four capfuls of water in a tub full of water is like going into a pool! You will jump in a pool filled with people who pee and spit but can't sit in your own bath water with diluted bleach to help symptoms of an incurable virus?

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