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as soon as it begins to itch dab every 4 hours w/ bleach. a q-tip works well for this

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Skin and genitals do not fall off when you're in a swimming pool filled with chlorine--your probably okay with a cap full or 2 of household bleach in a bathtub filled with water-as both are made from the same chemical compound a powerful bleaching agent that kills bacteria.


FIRST of all, I hope there isnt any women putting bleach in their bath water. That is just nuts. Obviously none of you have taken microbiology. Nothing kills VIRUSES. Herpes is a virus. All of these remedies r just quick fixes for soothing and relief. Try 100% calamine lotion it provides antiitching, soothing, and it drys up the lesions while the virus runs it's cours.


I've used bleach to kill poision Ivey/Oak since I was a kid. It must be cut w/ water like 4 to 1 but It always worked and pretty quickly. It should work on HSV too. Bleach is even is some meds..sheesh. The pharmacy's take natural remedies and turn them into meds to make them money.


It Works!!!!!


Too bad herpes is viral not bacterial hence salt will do nothing.


Diluted bleach on a q-tip works just as good a Valtrex, and is a lot less expensive. I've gotten cold sores for years, and this is the best remedy I've tried. It does burn a little bit as expected, but its a lot less painfull than the looks you get in public. Anyone who thinks this is stupid, have fun walking around with herpes on your lip!


Actually bleach bath is very good even if you dont have herpes... bleach bath is good anyway


Bleach bath are good for you anyway

smart bleacher

hahah someone said salt kills bacteria well herpes is a virus stupid ass! and yes bleach works there is even a scientific study it kills the virus! PLUS let me tell you all that you are all idiots because u don't fucken know that there is a million products with bleach already in it! haha just look at your ingredients in face washes and body washes. your the dumb ones still with herpes outbreaks while us bleachers are herpes free! how do you think people bleach there skin or anus or anything else like a scar! its with fuckin bleach idiots!


Hahaha salt on Bacteria stupid hepres is a virus and there is so many thing we us on or face that had bleach look at pro active everyone everyone else who doesn't use bleach is dump! Have fun having herpe outbreaks!

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