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as soon as it begins to itch dab every 4 hours w/ bleach. a q-tip works well for this

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It works. I found this site looking for places to post the same idea that the original poster has already discovered. My suggestion was going to be: wait for the itch/blister to raise, then at some point when you can tell the blister is about to open, pop it open on purpose (yes this will hurt like hell) then immediately dab it with bleach. Cover with one of those little 'spot' band-aids for a few hours. Then uncover and let dry. Should immediately heal and be gone in a couple of days, never to return. My first outbreak was in 1993 (I was like, what the hell is this?). After doing some research, I treated my second outbreak as above. No more outbreaks for over 1o years. I just had another start a few days ago (Third in my life. Same virus or new exposure? I suspect the latter due to recent circumstances, but who knows.) I treated as above, and it's almost gone already. I didn't know if my success the first time was a fluke, so I never bothered sharing. Now I'm convinced. I'm curious to know if anyone else might have success...? Try it. And for those of you who want to talk trash about the suggestion, well, why don't you let people weigh their own risks and benefits? When's the last time any of you swam in a chlorinated swimming pool? Same damn stuff. Get over it.


0.5% or 0.25% dakins solution used in the treatment of wound care is made from those percentages of bleach.


I think this works well but you have to make sure you don't let it sit to long without washing it off if you are going to use 100% bleach. (it may burn like hell but it seems to work)I also take L-Lysine and vitamin B. I just started taking the vitamins a month ago and it seems to make the outbreaks shorter or not happen at all if I start taking the L-Lysine when I first feel the tingling.

Take the drugs!

I am experiencing my first outbreak and I am in so much pain I cannot imagine putting anything down there that could potentially make it worse. Even peeing makes me want to shoot myself! I am going to just take the Valtrex thanks.


I would NEVER sit in a tub full of bleach!
I can only imagine your skin would start flaking off after you got out because it would severely dry out your skin, the fumes from the warm bleach water would irritate your eyes, not to mention the discomfort of sitting in hot bleach water... your skin would prune and probably fall off?! Okay, I suppose if you use bleach diluted in small amounts for external parts of your body... however your rectum and genitals steeping in hot bleach? Please don't try this.

Abreva for mouth cold sores helps me with my outbreaks... it eases it. So does benzoyl peroxide in small amounts as long as its on the outside of my skin!


i cant stop lmao from all craziness on this post. i actually have a black friend who puts a cup of bleach in her bathwater and she is in one piece. no discoloration, skin flaking off or nada. if you try it just use common sense.

short is a killah

my brother's and dad, and now nieces have a skin disease and they have been using the diluted bath for years now, since I was a kid and nothing has happened to them! it actually heals them up quicker and cleans out their blisters, you won't die from soaking in diluted bleach water!! the original post isn't such a great idea, but diluted is okay.


When ever we took the cover off my pool my dad would always pour a bottle and a half of bleach in the pool to clean out most of the algae. My sister and I would always get in right after that. we didn't have a big pool at all. Just a small above ground one. The tub is just on a smaller scale.


I never feel my an outbreak coming on like everyone else says. So therefore i must not have herpes rite? My blisters look like zits. Wonder if my skin is 2 sensitive because it only tends to happen when i have 2 much sex or ejaculate 2 often. Neosporin works 4 me if i keep from jerking off and sex. Think its herpes?


Skin and genitals do not fall off when you're in a swimming pool filled with chlorine--your probably okay with a cap full or 2 of household bleach in a bathtub filled with water-as both are made from the same chemical compound a powerful bleaching agent that kills bacteria.

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