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as soon as it begins to itch dab every 4 hours w/ bleach. a q-tip works well for this

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I will murder you!!! my balls are now rotted off!!!! psycho!


Whoever thought of this isnt too smart and whoever tries it is lacking sense even more...Good luck to anyone who puts BLEACH on their genitals...


someone needs to take this off of the site this is dangerous you fucking psycho. bleach is a highly dagerous CLEANING solution that u are not even supposed to put on u directly on any part of the body u dumbass

Pro Bleach

Bleach kills HSV and if you dilute it enough and don't keep it on your skin forever, it actually works really well.


bleach will not hurt you as long as you rinse it off with soap and water after a few minutes. I would not apply directly to the penus or scotum. I have experiencedd relief from applying pure bleach temporarily on what is supposedly a fungal induced itch for years now...........


I usually soak in a bath tub with warm/hot water and add a little bleach. I do not directly apply bleach to my private part. This works really well.


I used diluted bleach, very diluted, and it works well


Initially I thought whoever came up with this was nuts, but decades ago before all the the medicines we have today this is what they did. Used bleach to treat fungal problems. Nonetheless I did try this and it worked wonders. I put 4 capfulls of bleach in my bath water, just enough to sit in and after 40mins of soaking and 15 mins out of the tub the swelling had gone down and the itching and pain had been relieved. I am continuing to do this twice a day to see how fast this outbreak will last. I haven't had an outbreak in 10 years. I just got really stressed out and this did the trick.


I've just read this and I can't believe some of u were that stupid to actually try this.I can't stop laughing.When using home remedies u have to use common sense.


What a rediculous idea, I woud think salt would work better than bleach, salt is one of the sustances to kill alot of bacteria!!!!!

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