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Personally, I shower every other day. Partially because my hair is dyed and I want it to last longer, but I just don't get dirty enough to shower every day.
Anyways, I don't use soap on my face. I just wash it with water and either my hands or a facecloth. When I first started doing this, my face broke out. Soap contains a lot of chemicals and I guess my face wasn't used to not having all the chemicals.
After I shower, I put on pretty generous amounts of jojoba oil, and massage it into my skin until it's completely, or almost completely absorbed. You don't really need that much. About the size of a nickel.. And that's being generous. Jojoba oil lasts a very long time. I can get just under a year out of a bottle using it every other day. You'll still get the odd pimple, but they'll be tiny, and go away very quickly. No popping, cleansing, etc. needed.

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You do know that no matter what temperature it is or how much you excert yourself, your body Is constantly sweating. It's best to shower at least once a day. Just wear a plastic bag over your hair if you don't want it wet.

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