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I have had severe tonail fungus that i have had for many years on all of my toes, nothing ever worked! So i just gave up! This year i decided to get a deep suntan exept i didnt tan my feet, Which looked stupid! So i started suntanning my feet nd noticed my toenails clearing up within a couple of weaks! Returning back to normal heathy looking nails,l was amazed! For i had the worse case of toenail fungus i hav ever seen thick,split,brown,yellow nails. Just thought that i would share that info, sunlite killed my fungus.

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my husband has a bad case of fungus on his toenails and I read this to him and he said he is going to buy some sandals and try it so thank you, this is the first time that he will ever where sandals


Omg! I 4got about that! I'm from Hawaii and when we little and caught impetigo or staph, my great aunt would yell at us to soak in the ocean and lay on the beach covered in aloe so our sores would heal & we wouldnt become scarred up like the Samoans. So about 5 yrs ago a tourist friend caught impetgo and the doctor told her it would become scars. I told her what to do and the 3 days she laid in the sun after soaking in the ocean, even got rid of her acne! The ocean salt draws out the bad stuff and the sun kills it dead ..then the aloe heals our skin back! So it makes sense lol


After having a pretty skanky toenail for a couple of years, it magically fixed itself recently!

The only thing I can think of that caused it to fix was a lot of sun/beach exposure recently. For those not lucky enough to have constant sun, perhaps a UV lamp may have similar results?


How long did you expose your feet to the sun?

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