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I've had migraines with varying frequency since high school (I'm 25) and I've recently found a really great new thing to add to my arsenal or 'ahh-i-want-to-slam-my-head-into-a-wall-so-i-can-pass-out-it-hurts-so-much' lil ole' bag of tricks. Salonpas brand hot/cold medicated patches. I get the small ones for the neck and put one on each side of my neck at the back. I find these particularly helpful when I'm out somewhere and I truly can't leave to go hide in a dark place. They tingle at first and then have a great spreading warmth hot cold thing going on. They really help me relax and they smell kind of like menthol which helps too. I find them much better and more powerful than IcyHot brand patches. I keep them in my purse and when combined with a cup of coffee and a couple of Excedrin i can usually carry on with my day.

I also want to put in a quick nod to masturbation! I know it sounds weird and may make some people uncomfortable but if you're at home in bed under the covers anyway... I've found it always helps calm me or at the very least helps me fall asleep. It's the endorphins and I've also heard it helps because the blood rushes away from your head which relieves some pressure.

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poda poore ninte appanodu parayada






hey thats the first time ive heard that. So far its its the positive one anyway. just dont think i could get in to the way my migraine is right now.


Definitely works!


It sounds crazy, but it definitely works! It takes aminute to get into the mood,but once started, the migraines becomes less intense. Now, it doesn't make it go away completely, ut it does take away from the intensity of the migraine pain.


Crazy though some people may think it sounds, you are absolutely correct about the masturbation,or if you have a partner, full out sex. Possibly not with a true migraine but certainly with a tension headache which can feel just as bad. Having an orgasm relaxes the muscles thereby relieveing the tension causing the headache. So fellas the next time you go for it and she says 'not now dear i have a headache' you have a come back for her. ;)


i agree.... the first time i had a partner who said 'let me help you with that headache' and really DID... but i had to trust him and relax and let him do his thing, which helped immensely!!

Dude :-)

Masturbation works for me too... I was amazed when I found out. I was just trying to get my mind off the pain... crazy right!? also the Hot/Cold alternating shower is good. I sometimes go all hot...sitting in the shower... and then finish with a cold shot to the head. after reading this forum, I realized that I accidentally stopped taking my daily multivitamin which contains Niacin and Magnesium. I have had migraines for almost 20 years (off and on) massage therapy works well if you can afford it. Often you can work a deal with the therapist if they know you will be a regular client. Also Ginkgo Biloba is supposed to help.. I take it along with my other things...not sure what works best, but my memory seems to be better for it :-)


'Sorry, dear, I have a headache' is now no longer an excuse. :o]

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