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My father had prostate surgery 5 years ago and recently his PSA (number of cancer cells in the blood) was 41 (when he had surgery it was about 30).The doctors could not locate tumors but suggested chemo anyway.The fact that they could not locate the tumor meant that it had spread throughout the body in very tiny tumors that were growing.We never allowed him to have chemo ,so we gave him curcumin instead - it's a spice
that literally destroys cancer cells leaving the healthy cells untouched.His PSA is now 31 (in 2 months of therapy)and is getting lower every time. You just have to take real big doses (he takes 5grs a day in capsules) and not do chemo , which by the way killed a family member last year. Please don't give up , cancer is just a dicease , God has provided natural cures for it, too !

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Thanks for the information. Please i'ld like to know the name of the book. My email is


Hi Everyone ,
I don't believe in chemo therapy.Even if its stage 4 category cancer it can still be treated by a God gifted herb called CANNABIS (it has various types like marijuana, hemp seed oil ,in India called bhang and used usually in Shiv temples .It completely kills the cancer cells and does'nt allow them to come back.
It has omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in 3:1 ratio in hemp seed oils that is considered the most ideal oil ,but should not be used for frying or should not be over heated for cooking beyond 100 degrees .You should also use it for massaging affected areas where tumor detected or pain felt ,like in skin cancer or breast cancer etc , consumption in small quantity in dinner for blood cancer patients . take good diet with no processed food and no sugar.wash raw vegetables and fruits properly and avoid going in pollution .try to keep your respiratory system exercises , stretches and yoga breathing exercises daily to keep insulin in level and cleaner respiratory tract.
I am sure this benefit you,Doctors don't easily suggest you as kemo is a money making therapy for them mostly and some countries too have banned it .try and check with your doctors to prescribe , if can get the hemp seed oil for massage .
Also will recommend to check out videos on youtube by typing words 'cannabis cancer '.


My husband has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. Could you please email me the name of the book. Many thanks.

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