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My father had prostate surgery 5 years ago and recently his PSA (number of cancer cells in the blood) was 41 (when he had surgery it was about 30).The doctors could not locate tumors but suggested chemo anyway.The fact that they could not locate the tumor meant that it had spread throughout the body in very tiny tumors that were growing.We never allowed him to have chemo ,so we gave him curcumin instead - it's a spice
that literally destroys cancer cells leaving the healthy cells untouched.His PSA is now 31 (in 2 months of therapy)and is getting lower every time. You just have to take real big doses (he takes 5grs a day in capsules) and not do chemo , which by the way killed a family member last year. Please don't give up , cancer is just a dicease , God has provided natural cures for it, too !

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my father is diagnosed with metastasis stage of cancer, along with tumor in his brain. I am hoping if there is any kind of cure for it.
Any help will be appreciated. Because allopathic doctors are already gave up.
If there is anyone, please help us, in return may God will help You.
MRI report says metastasis and lymphoma is considered.
Also send me the title of book you are talking about
my email id is:
Thanks & regards

Sumeet Singh

Kindly send me the name of the book please. I really want to cure my mother, she is suffering from stage 4 ovarian cancer.


Please send me the name of the book to the email Thank you.


Please send me the name of the book to email address Thank you.


Hi There,

Can you please email me also, the name of the book and I just wanted to know that are there any more success stories that you know. My father is detected with bladder cancer. his bladder has been removed, but it is spread all throughout the muscles and glands in the urethra......can anyone help with a natural remedy........Thanks, my email id is


Could you please send me the title of the book. my email address is
thank you


In most cases Cancer is caused and fed by unhealthy lifestyles. Eating toxic, processed food, drinking alcohol, smoking, any prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals really, which are found in pretty much all standard food and drink. Also know that cancer feeds on sugar. So step one is to cut out all sugar from your diet, as well as all processed foods. Switch to a natural all organic diet of mostly raw vegetables. Juice raw vegetables daily. Exercise within your limits to promote circulation. Drink lots of water to help eliminate wastes. Now begin a gentle detox of your body, focusing on your liver, for a couple weeks. You must also understand that cancer is always found in a people with an acidic system. Green vegetables are alkaline. You need to raise your bodies ph above 7 creating an internal environment not suited to cancer. Baking soda helps rasie ph, mixed with molasses is good option. Then there are many, MANY different natural compounds that can combat cancer in different ways, and depending on your cancer certain ones are more effective, but not every cancer is identical, s no two people's bodies are identical, so what may work well for one person may not for you, but there are many options, so you may have to try multiple. The turmeric book basically informs you of how turmeric is non-toxic to humans and that in high doses it has anti-tumor, anti-cancer capabilities. You want to take a whole spectrum approach to cancer, there is no magic pill, or shortcuts to a healthy, functional lifestyle. Although, there are many VERY effective natural cancer treatments. ESSIAC TEA, the budwig diet, a certain cannabis oil extraction ie phoenix tear oil, selenium, curcumin from turmeric, capsacin from habanero peppers or similarly hot, the gerson protocol, and many more, once you start searching for the information you will find it available far and wide on the topic of natural cancer cures and you should want to take as much of that information in as possible. Limit the intake of toxins, flush out the build up of toxins, nourish the body with wholesome natural organic food, exercise, get plenty of rest at least 8 hours sleep every night, and research and implement some different natural remedies, but be careful as some work in opposite ways to cancel each other out and above all believe in yourself, as you are the one that will ultimately cure yourself, not a doctor, not plant, but YOU, your conscious, daily decision to overcome the challenge at hand. Keep your faith strong, stay disciplined, and in time you will find your strength returning, and at some point perhaps even surpassing your previous state of being. The power is inside you, take hold and step into the light. Godspeed.


Hello, my dad is diagnosed with lymphoma stage 4...please I would like the book please.

Email: Mendoza.jissela


Please send me the name of the book as cancer is very rapidly spreading, my email address is


Hello could you please send me the name of the book

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