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My father had prostate surgery 5 years ago and recently his PSA (number of cancer cells in the blood) was 41 (when he had surgery it was about 30).The doctors could not locate tumors but suggested chemo anyway.The fact that they could not locate the tumor meant that it had spread throughout the body in very tiny tumors that were growing.We never allowed him to have chemo ,so we gave him curcumin instead - it's a spice
that literally destroys cancer cells leaving the healthy cells untouched.His PSA is now 31 (in 2 months of therapy)and is getting lower every time. You just have to take real big doses (he takes 5grs a day in capsules) and not do chemo , which by the way killed a family member last year. Please don't give up , cancer is just a dicease , God has provided natural cures for it, too !

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I too would love the name of the book please as I meet several people a week that are directly affected by cancer because of my profession - I therefore want to spread hope that there is a cure and I 110% believe in natural remedies. Thank you in advance;


Can you please send me thw website of the book as well.
My sister has lung cancer and after a series of chimotherapy we found out the cancer grow.

She is now in her secound chimo.
Thank you so much.


Could you also send me the name of the book my mom is 85 and we just found out she has lung cancer which has spread to her lymph nodes my email is

Sarah bailey

Hi could you ease email me the name of the book too please, my mum has be diagnosed as terminal and I am trying everything in my power to help her.


It does work for quite a few people but I feel it is only a tacopil solution..still underlying health condition being overlooked.Way back in the beginning when I tried it, it did not help me. Actually, it really caused me a major skin irritation.Dr. M


Wet a Towel squeeze some of the water out and but it in the freeezr. Once its good and cold put it over your head and eyes.home remedy is salt consumption. If the migraine is in the starting stages, a snack of Fritos corn chips, fries covered with large amounts of salt or any other very salty food will calm the attack. Sometimes this calm before the storm is the end, other times its not. But once its calmed down use the towel treatment.


please send me the title of the book. my email address is

thank you


can you please send me the title of the book?
my email ad is


Would also like the title of the book:


Please could you send me the title of the book.

Thank you

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