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My father had prostate surgery 5 years ago and recently his PSA (number of cancer cells in the blood) was 41 (when he had surgery it was about 30).The doctors could not locate tumors but suggested chemo anyway.The fact that they could not locate the tumor meant that it had spread throughout the body in very tiny tumors that were growing.We never allowed him to have chemo ,so we gave him curcumin instead - it's a spice
that literally destroys cancer cells leaving the healthy cells untouched.His PSA is now 31 (in 2 months of therapy)and is getting lower every time. You just have to take real big doses (he takes 5grs a day in capsules) and not do chemo , which by the way killed a family member last year. Please don't give up , cancer is just a dicease , God has provided natural cures for it, too !

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Please let me know about your book for cancer. My mom is 87 years young and they do not want to operate. I am looking for something natural also. She currently has cancer in her bones and a tumor on her left kidney. Thanks so much and God bless all of you. My email is


Please send me the title of the book thank you I don't want to lose anymore loved ones from cancer I lost 3 going on 5 family members if I don't find better help:( God Bless!


Hi everyone this is Manoj from india
Please share the book title as my bro in low had undergone keemo twice and now he has diagnosed again with brain tumer(stage 4) he is just 30yr n having 3yrs old kid please help me to save him,It would be a gr8 help
my email id,
please anyone how knows it helpus


I would also like the book title. Please help: email
Thank you!


Hi can you send me the name of the book on . Thank you


My brother is diagnose with appendix cancer a very rare type. We hoping to avoid chemo and do this the natural way. If any could email me the book greatly appreciated.


please send name of book to 2 family members last year to cancer and
i am terrified........cant wait to use
God's natural remedy..........the manmade stuff does not work.
thank you for your post.


ESSIAC tea is really; good for cancer.


good info and really helpful you will find on

can you please send me the name of the book, at thank you


Hi Please send me the name of the book to

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