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My father had prostate surgery 5 years ago and recently his PSA (number of cancer cells in the blood) was 41 (when he had surgery it was about 30).The doctors could not locate tumors but suggested chemo anyway.The fact that they could not locate the tumor meant that it had spread throughout the body in very tiny tumors that were growing.We never allowed him to have chemo ,so we gave him curcumin instead - it's a spice
that literally destroys cancer cells leaving the healthy cells untouched.His PSA is now 31 (in 2 months of therapy)and is getting lower every time. You just have to take real big doses (he takes 5grs a day in capsules) and not do chemo , which by the way killed a family member last year. Please don't give up , cancer is just a dicease , God has provided natural cures for it, too !

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My wife has a colon cancer which has spread into her liver.
I have read some articles about curcumin (turmeric) on the web.
In my country (Mauritius) fresh turmeric is widely available and I would like to know how to prepare it? Dosage?

Many thanks.


The stuff we use is curcumin extract from 'now foods', i order it from amazon
international sellers - we tried plain curcumin but the results were not that great,it just kept the cancer from spreading ,it did not shrink it.
Anyway the dosage we use is 6 grams a day,taken during meals ,but it is curcumin extract ,so it's more concentrated . If you want to use it in it's original form you will probably need a much higher dosage ,like 10 grams
(it's best to have it in capsules) -anyway , it can not hurt you ,so you can take as much as you need . Please feel free to ask anything , i can recommend you the book i read about it, i don't know if it's ok to mention it here.
I can email you the title , if you want.
God bless you.


Thank you very much for you reply.

I'ld really like to know the book you mentioned.

Here's my mail address:

Many thanks for your precious help.

Peggy Cameron

yes, I like to know about the book to, please send to my e-mail address My husband is battling primary liver cancer in the 4th stage, trying to find natural ways to deal with it, hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime, I will take suggestion mentioned


I must say I agree whole heartedly with the last comment that someone displayed on Cancer and that God has natural ways to beat cancer. That is for sure. Tom Freedomfrominfirmities


My mother suffered from that deadly disease again last feb 2011 (breast ca 4). after 5 sessions of chemotherapy the doctor decided to stop it since there were numbness and tingling on her extremities, after the diagnostic exams we found out that the tumors even spread more in the whole skeletal body. we'r trying to find some alternative treatments for her aside from prayers of course. hope you can help us


hi can you please send me the link to the book as well,im really desperate. my aunty has colon cancer and it has spread. I need anything that will help. thank you my email address is


Hi myboy friend is 22yo fighting testicular cancer... MD Anderson send him home with Hospice they said there's nothing they can do they have given up but we haven't .....if there is anything y'all think can help him please contact me .....he has no appetite & is loosing weight there for he feels full & weak


Please send me the title of the book.

Thank you
Elder Charlie Shivers, Jr


Thank you for sharing with all of us this information. My husband is 24 and has been diagnosed with lung cancer that is terminal with 1 and ahalf years to live. Please would you send me the name of book also. Thank you. Of course the ultimate healer is God. He is the best doctor and I believe in miracles. Here is my email Thank you and God Bless you and all the other who have posted. I have said a prayer for all of you.

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