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I've had Psoriasis since I was about 7, I am now 25. I’ve had severe scalp psoriasis since I was a teenager, and I’ve always had patches that come and go all over my body. I was diagnosed initially with eczema and was given topical steroids for treatment. I realized as an adult, and with research, I had psoriasis NOT eczema. Quite a difference in disease, but easily misdiagnosed. The medication I was prescribed is Diprolene (Betamethasone Diproprionate Augmented). It’s always worked for a while, and then with the stop of treatment, the patches always come back. I am currently uninsured and the medication is around $77 cash price. I was so happy to find this site and all the suggestions.

I didn’t however read about anyone having psoriasis around their eyes. Only around the age of 20 did this start to affect me. I would wake up with inner corners of my eyes swollen and cracked (to the point of bleeding and scabbing). This was EXTREMELY painful, especially near your eyes. I was unable to put anything near my eyes, being as to how dangerous it was. The steroid I was prescribed has a clear warning NOT to put near eyes, for a good reason. I asked my eye doctor what I should do to treat the psoriasis and he said that there were steroids in a much lower strength he could prescribe. The higher the strength, the higher the pressure becomes in your eye, which can cause HUGE problems. He did send me off with a script for a safer ointment, but a tube (no larger than my pinky) was $60. Sorry, way too expensive, and I wasn’t sure it was going to work.

Until recently did actually think to try Vaseline! It’s safe to put around your eyes (any medicated ointment has petroleum jelly in it already). Overnight I noticed a difference. The corners of my eyes had been cracked the night before, and the next morning, they were almost healed. My eyes were still a bit raw from rubbing my eyes in the middle of the night, but I had AMAZING results.

I apply Vaseline to the corners of my eyes after I shower and apply face lotion. (I can still apply eye make-up with no issues), and again before I go to bed. A little goes a long way. I also started applying Vaseline to my elbows and other affected areas. They have become less red and much less irritated. I haven’t been able to completely clear my psoriasis, but Vaseline does help a lot.

As for my scalp, I am going to try the sea salt water, as well as the apple cider vinegar soak, and olive oil overnight. I have used baby oil on my scalp in the past, overnight to sooth the itching and flakes—it has not always been successful. I’ll keep you posted! Good luck to all of you out there!

**Please keep in mind Psoriasis IS an auto-immune disorder. Many physicians are wary of putting patients with severe Psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis etc. on a Biologic medication (such as Humira, Enbrel, Stelara) because of the risks of cancer. I work for the manufacturer of one of the leading Biologics out there, and for MANY patients’ it is a miracle drug. Many of the manufacturers have financial assistance and there are independent co-pay foundations out there to help. If you are willing to learn more, PLEASE talk to your doctor and do some research. The risks can definitely outweigh the amazing life changing results.

Again, Good luck to all! <3

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