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for sore throat
get a small dixie cup
pour cultured buttermilk in the cup
slowly swish and gargle it in your mouth slowly drink a small cup of it every hour for 1 day and sore throat will be gone next day...its coats the throat... works great and i hate buttermilk

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Can it be any kind of Buttermilk, like the kind you get at a supermarket? How often during the day do you do this?


you better like butter milk. i gargled with it once. (A i was fine twice.) and i lost my supper. good luck.


My boyfriend swears by gargling with milk (any kind) whenever you have a sore throat, but I can't manage to do this without upchucking. I hate the taste whenever I'm sick . . . And good luck if you try this (with keeping the buttermilk down - ew . . . )


I've read that, if you have a sore throat caused by a bacterial throat infection, you should completely avoid dairy. I think dairy allows the bacteria to thrive. So maybe buttermilk isn't such a good idea . . .


I've had Strep throat on numerous occasions (about once a month at some points) Although Milk is an instant reliever of a soar throat it does not help in the long run. The milk coats the throat to give instant relief but seals in the infection and the bacteria in the milk also contributes to keeping your sore throat longer.

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