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I get poison ivy really and bad and i can pick it up just in the air. i cant be ner a wooded area without getting it. its expected every summer at least 3 times each summer. What i like to do, (you need an experienced welder) is have a friend weld and expose the ivy to the welding arch. Clears it up by the end of the night. If thats not available pack on the calamine lotion, pop the pink benadryl pills and wait it out. One thing i tried was to scratch open the blisters with a toothbrush, and apply lots of bleach... BIG MISTAKE! not recomended at all! It made me break out 3 times as bad. My grandma used to live in west virginia and she always said to put iodine on it. also she said it you eat the plant you will become immune. i have never done it and dont plan on it and also dont recommend that either. just a thought. One more, (yes i have litterally tried all possibilities) mix a thick paste of sea salt and BLUE sawn dish soap and apply and let it sit for like, 30 minutes. it stops the itching and drys it out but since im highly allergic i immediately got it again. Just some thoughts. Hope it helps, because i know i hate poison ivy and im sure its not your friend either.

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Itchy Scratchy Heather

Are you saying to take a blow torch to the affected areas??? Hmmm... worth a try at this point. Once it clears up, I will make a nice poison ivy salad with ranch dressing to eat in hopes of gaining immunity. I'll let you know if I need to take a blowtorch to my butt after eating that :P


Please dont eat it My dad tried that and almost died had huge blisters as big as fingers and laid in the hospital for weeks. Having the poison ivy inside of him.

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